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At the age of ten life seems simple, it's all about running jumping and climbing trees. By eighteen you have discovered the opposite sex, alcohol and nightclubs. By twenty five you are your own person, confident and full of life. Suddenly you hit thirty. You find yourself questioning your choices from the years that have past, feeling slightly left on the shelf, wondering where your life is heading, juggling family and friends and faced with ever aging parents. You are not alone, welcome to 30 years and countinga sideways look at life in your thirties.

A new year and a new outlook

And so a new year is upon us. 2012. If some people are to be believed this will be the last year any of us see as the world comes to an abrupt end (Just before Christmas too, bummer). There are many great things about a new year but for most of us it is a chance to make a resolution and attempt to recreate yourself as a new and improved version usually with the added bonus of 20% less fat. We have all done it and normally these attempts at reinvention last for the first few months before we revert to our regular life long habits. For me however this new year does bring great promise and the chance to turn my life around from what it has been for the past few years.

The big news for 2012 then is the fact I have gone and got myself a job. For those of you that have been reading the dribble that escapes from my head onto this blog for a while now you will know that for the past few years I have been unemployed. If you have missed the pleasure of me moaning about this fact in previous posts you can still read my unhappy rantings here and here. Anyway that is all behind me now because like I said as of December I have joined the tax paying masses (that also explains why there has been a drop in posts of late but more on that in a moment).

So just what is this job I hear you ask? Amazingly I now work in the computer games industry as a games tester. That means I get to spend all day playing computer games with the odd bit of answering customer support enquiries and running online beta tests chucked in for good measure. I get to wear what I want, the hours are pretty much whenever I want give or take and I work with some very relaxed and funny people. I love it and I am more happy than I have been in a long time. The downside? The downside is that the games in question are simulation games hence I am not playing MW3 by any stretch of the imagination and the pay is really not that great but when it is all said and done there are a lot worse things I could be doing.

This new year then really does hold a lot of promise for me. I have a job, I actually have some money now, I have met some really great new people and most importantly my life has structure back in it once more which I can build upon to make more changes as the months go past.

Number one on my list is to be more active. I mean this in two ways. Firstly in the get off the couch and do some exercise sense of the word. Just by having a job I am naturally more active but I would really like to build some sort of regular exercise regime into my week too. Secondly I want to be more active in general, see more people, do more stuff rather than spend all my free time playing games on the Xbox and watching movies (maybe my recent subscription to Love Film wasn’t such a good idea then). I have already started to do this. Since getting the job I have been in contact with some people I haven’t spoken to in far too long and this weekend alone Maz and I have been out for two meals with people from my work and then Jade for her birthday. It is all a good start.

Talking about being more active I have been rather bad over this whole blog writing business. This has not been out of design but rather other stuff has gotten in the way. Well that is going to change. I am not big on making new year resolutions but here goes, I am going to write a post at least once a week. I am not promising that I will write more interesting stuff but I am going to write more stuff. Get use to hearing more from me then (at least that is the plan).

I am also hoping that this year see a change in fortune for my friends. They seem to have been through a rough patch last year. From struggling business problems, losing their jobs, depression and even finding their girlfriend in bed with their best mate. Yep it has all been rather tough for a lot of people. I really hope then that they have a change in fortune like I have and that for all of us 2012 doesn’t turn out to be the end but rather the start of an exciting future. 

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