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At the age of ten life seems simple, it's all about running jumping and climbing trees. By eighteen you have discovered the opposite sex, alcohol and nightclubs. By twenty five you are your own person, confident and full of life. Suddenly you hit thirty. You find yourself questioning your choices from the years that have past, feeling slightly left on the shelf, wondering where your life is heading, juggling family and friends and faced with ever aging parents. You are not alone, welcome to 30 years and countinga sideways look at life in your thirties.

Welcome to the scrapheap Tom

Today then marks a new start in the life of my friend Tom. Today he is quiting his job. I quit mine a few years ago and have been stuck in limbo ever since. However unlike me who quit because I was really unhappy Tom at least a plan to start a new business. Well good luck to him I say. I am sure it will all work out in the end. Meanwhile I continue on the fast track to nowhere. So what is life like when you are unemployed?

For sometime now I have been unemployed and to be honest it is horrible. There are plenty of people who are happy to live off handouts and who see being on jobseekers allowance as a career choice. Then there are the rest of us who all try really hard to find work but seem to be fighting an endless up hill battle.

My face is up here: Why men love breasts

I am a bloke which means that sooner or later this blog was always going to get around to talking about breasts. When it comes to the whole are you a breasts, legs or bum guy I am firmly in the breasts camp.

Lets be honest breasts are fantastic things. However before you shoot me down as some sort of pervert take a moment to read a bit further. For anyone looking for some sort of gallery full of pictures of exposed breasts then you are in the wrong place. The web is already full of that sort of thing and I'm not about to add to it.

Instead I am going to try and answer that age old question, why are men fascinated by breasts?

The royal wedding. Who cares?

As if my average day of disappointingly searching through job sites, playing poker on the Xbox 360, cleaning up, cooking and watching daytime television was not exciting enough today an electrician came round to put a new light in the bathroom. As is the great English tradition I offered him a cup of tea and as he sipped it we made polite small talk about that other great English tradition; the weather.  After ten minutes of chat about how unusually hot it was our rather difficult conversation turned to the subject of that latest all encompassing news story of the moment, the royal wedding.

Now unless you have been living under a rather large rock for the last month (and even then I doubt you would have escaped from the news) you will be aware that Prince William is getting married to his university sweetheart Miss Catherine Middleton (there is even an official website just in case you missed it). Well good luck to them I say and I hope it all works out for them. Providing the young Kate doesn’t piss the Queen off and stays out of Paris all should go well. But as the country and even the world whips itself up into a mad frenzy I can’t help but ask; who really gives a shit?

Summer time and the barbecuing is easy

The summer is here, the sun is shining and the burgers are grilling. A few beers and a few friends. What more could you ask for? Isn’t it always great to get together with a few friends and slap some meat on the grill when the weather is glorious? Well this weekend that is exactly what we did. Maz and I met up with Tom, Louise, Mark, Lou, Hayley, Chris and an assortment of others cracked open a few cold beers and burnt some burgers to a crisp.

You can’t beat a good BBQ when the weather is good. When British summer time rolls around we usually find ourselves in one of two situations. Either it is raining or we have a hosepipe ban. Well this year it looks like we could be facing the later as the sun has been shining upon us all week long. So being a bank holiday weekend I found myself at the first BBQ of the year (hopefully not the last). The day was spent in the company of good friends lazily munching my way through a weeks intake of meat while putting the world to rights. I could not think of a better end to a bank holiday weekend.

Holy shitballs where did all the posts go?

 If you are a regular reader of this blog then you might have spotted something a little different about it. Haven’t spotted it yet? Take a few moments and have another look. Got it yet? Really? Come on people!!! All the other blog posts have vanished. Well to be more precise I have deleted them. Why I hear you cry. Well read on and I will tell all.

During my time writing this blog I have had the chance to talk to lots of other bloggers and get their advice. For some their blogs are all about expressing themselves. For others they are money making opportunities. For the rest they are chances to try and grab their five minutes of internet fame. Like many bloggers money has never really been of interest to me which is odd considering I didn't have any to start with. I started this blog as a form of self expression. I had just turned thirty and felt a need to reach out to others in some sort of attempt to find out if my life echoed theirs in any way.

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